• Dan Drummond

Be Safe. Be Well. Be Kind.

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak there have been all kinds of slogans, phrases, and acronyms communicated to the public. Most have been helpful as they remind us to wash our hands, remain socially distant from one another, and try to get across the seriousness of this deadly virus.

But something has been missing - a message of compassion. And it's compassion, kindness, and patience will be needed over these next few weeks and maybe even months. While our nation is generous and compassionate, it is also used to a certain individualism that is going to be seriously tested, if it isn't already.

Families and friends will grow closer, then get on each others' nerves, get close again. We will find ourselves learning more about each other - and ourselves - than ever before. And we will likely come out of this experience very different people.

No matter what though we need to stick together as a community and a country, showing compassion and kindness to one another, even if we all feel like we are about to lose it. Or as they say in the south - and the R.E.M. song made famous - we are losing our religion.

To help us get through this, perhaps we can all remember these three Bs: Be Safe. Be Well. Be Kind.

Be Safe - It certainly feels like the recommendations from health and government officials are rapidly changing, with many of the guidelines curtailing the liberties we once took for granted. But all of the directives, in my opinion, are being done to keep us and our loved ones safe. It is paramount that we heed the advice of our medical professionals so that we don't get infected, infect others, and that we can help ease the burden on our medical system.

Be Well - Assuming that we are practicing social distancing and following health officials guidelines, we now need to focus on how we keep ourselves and families well. In addition to sanitizing and hand washing, we need to also think of how we keep ourselves physically and mentally well during this time. Former astronaut Scott Kelly knows a thing or two about isolation and wrote a great article with tips on how to stay healthy and sane.

Be Kind - As mentioned before, we need to show compassion to others and even to ourselves. Remember that we are all going through this experience, but no one person is experiencing it the same way. Show kindness to one another in the form of being patient, looking for ways to safely help friends and family, and be that person that someone can turn to when they need to talk - or just have a good cry.

Above all else, remember that we will get through this and in doing so, hopefully be better versions of ourselves.


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